Boilermaking, tanks and storage tanks

Rectangular tanks for various applications such as:

  • Electroplating
  • Iron and steel industry for the treatment of steel and stainless steel
  • Water treatments
  • Buried manholes, etc.

Single or double wall cylindrical storage tanks for chemical products and complete design and projects of storage parks according to APQ 006.

Installation and Assembly of Pipes

Design and Assembly of pipes according to the needs of the installation in terms of the selection of material depending on the product to be transferred, thermal and mechanical conditions, support, etc.

Aspiration assembly for gas and odor treatments.

Gas and odor treatment

For the different industrial processes EMATEC designs and installs Gas Treatment and deodorization systems depending on the needs and energy efficiency required

  • Hollow or ring-filled absorption towers, turbulent and orderly.
  • Droplet Separators, Chromium Washers and Aerosols
  • Activated Carbon or Alumina Systems
  • Biofiltration Systems.
  • Treatment of COV’s
  • Stripping of polluted streams

Aspiration, industrial ventilation

EMATEC designs and installs efficient suction systems according to health and hygiene regulations at work.

EMATEC designs, calculates and installs the GRP that best suits the project conditions with different GRP qualities depending on the customer’s need.

Corrective and preventive maintenance

Revision and Corrective and Preventive maintenance of gas and odor suction and treatment installations.

  • Facility inspection point programs
  • Systematized maintenance plans for gas scrubbing towers
  • Urgent response to immediate intervention needs.
  • Reports of interventions carried out with checkpoints or replacement
  • Pre OCA for the review of chemical storage facilities according to APQ 006 annually or every 5 years.