Within the most documentary area of ​​engineering, Ematec carries out legalizations of new or existing facilities based on the applicable regulations in each case.

Likewise, the adaptation of the installation to current regulations and its subsequent legalization is an area in which we have ample experience due to the evolution of regulations and the obsolescence of many current installations.

  • APQ
    • RD 656/2017, June 23 – Regulations for the Storage of Chemical Products and their ITC MIE APQ.
  • Atex
    • RD 400/1996 on equipment and protection systems for use in potentially explosive atmospheres
    • RD 681/2003 on protection of the health and safety of workers exposed to the risks derived from the presence of explosive atmospheres in the workplace.
  • Pressure Equipment
    • RD 2060/2008, December 12 – Pressure Equipment Regulation and its complementary technical instructions.
  •  PCI
    • RD 2267/2004, of December 3, which approves the Regulation of fire safety in industrial establishments.

CE Marking

Within the design and manufacture of prototypes for the improvement of production processes, Ematec prepares the corresponding CE markings for the aforementioned machinery as part of the project. In any case, carrying out a CE marking on an existing machine is a common task that is carried out assiduously working together with the client, either by making the necessary modifications or by adapting Ematec the machinery to the requirements established according to regulations:

  • RD 1644/2008, of October 10, which establishes the rules for the marketing and commissioning of machines.
  • Directive 2006/42 / CE of machines
  • Law 31/1995, of November 8, on the prevention of Occupational Risks

Process Engineering

Working together with the client, Ematec analyzes the production processes in order to maximize the results obtained from them, optimizing the management and available resources.

For this, the Ematec team relies on existing productivity improvement methodologies that allow control and obtain a higher production performance.

  • Lean Manufacturing. Identifying and eliminating unproductivities improves the value chain.
  • The absence of stops, downtime and, ultimately, non-productive time, while motivating a more involved staff maximizes productivity.
  • Methods and times. The analysis and study of the processes allows to control them and obtain a better performance from them.

Technical Assistance

Ematec works hand in hand with its clients, offering its technical capabilities for an analysis and control of the projects it owns.

The areas in which Ematec works, both for the preparation of technical documentation, and for the design and manufacture of machinery, makes it easier for us to help the companies with which we collaborate to get where they cannot or do not need to go, working as your preferred contractor in the projects they require.

3D & CAD Design

Ematec has long been committed to positioning itself in engineering 4.0 through augmented reality, which forced us to work in 3D environments that allow the import of models to that technology.

The experience acquired in this area is part of the work that we are currently developing, either as part of our processes as a product for the client, digitizing the existing facilities in order to make future modifications or simply by updating them.

Contract Specifications

The experience of our human team within the different areas of the industry, as well as the technical knowledge in a multitude of productive areas, means that Ematec has knowledge and capabilities that are highly focused on the achievement of objectives and synthesis that seeks a contract specification or a technical specification.

The search for imaginative solutions is part of our DNA, something that we consider essential in the realization of offers and contracting specifications to obtain, not only a good economic offer, but also a difference value over the mere fulfillment of requirements.