Enclosures / Strucures

  • Better use of spaces
  • Physical security improvement
  • Acoustic insulation of the spotlight

The COST and the LACK of spaces in the industrial field means that the lay-outs are constantly reviewed and modified.

In addition, the optimization of processes or even the increasing SAFETY and ERGONOMICS measures in the workplace, cause the compartmentalisation of production environments to become a NECESSITY.

In this area, Ematec contributes its experience and advanced digital vision for the design and manufacture of ENCLOSURES and STRUCTURES in different materials for:

  • Greater control of humidity and temperature
  • Improvement in Ergonomics, Lighting, Temperature …
  • Fireproof insulation against possible incidents (PCI)


The improvement of production processes and the solution of problems in them, requires the design and implementation of prototypes that respond to these needs.

That is why Ematec, working hand in hand with the client, based on a study of the needs of the process, uses digital technology such as augmented reality to interact with a future that improves the productive present by designing and manufacturing:

  • Machinery / Tools
  • Optimization of process times
  • Improvement of machine safety
  • Worker ergonomics


The growing concern for Safety and Ergonomics in workplaces demands customization that responds to the needs of workers in the production chain.

For this reason, Ematec understands that it is necessary to take care of the worker in order to improve productivity directly related to this fact.

In this way, relying on digital technology to provide solutions aimed at the final fulfillment of the expectations demanded by the client, Ematec designs and manufactures the appropriate and ad-hoc personalized jobs in each case:

  • Automated
  • Ergonomic
  • Heated
  • Computerized
  • Isolated